Artisan Soap Gift Boxes


Artisan Soap Gift Boxes
Adventurous Gift BoxEdgy Gift BoxSporty Gift Box

Product Description

Artisan Soap Gift Boxes

These beautiful Artisan Soap Gift Boxes are available in an Adventurous, Sporty, and Edgy variety pack!

Note: Each artisan gift box is shrink-wrapped to seal in fragrances.

Sporty gift box contains a total of four amazing soaps: Melon Bliss SoapCafé de Latte SoapAmethyst Soap, and Game Day Soap!

Adventurous gift box contains a total of four stunning soaps: Stoney Brook SoapDenim Soap, Violet & Birch Soap and Sandalwood Vanilla Soap!

Edgy gift box contains a total of four cool soaps: Honey Drops SoapYlang Ylang Lavender Soap, Sassy Soap, and Reminiscence Soap!

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Adventurous, Edgy, Sporty

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